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Africa news AFRICA
BUSINESS DAY South Africa : Impressive site: clean graphics, excellent navigation tools on news page, comprehensive news, hourly updates.
THE NATION Nairobi, Kenya : Nice clean design
DAILY GRAPHIC Accra, Ghana : One or two articles added daily.
English news (Americas) AMERICAS
BUENOS AIRES HERALD Buenos Aires, Argentina : Weekly selections from daily newspaper. Well done.
THE JAMAICA GLEANER 5 x week (M-F). Sunday edition no longer on-line.
English press (Asia) ASIA
CHOSUN ILBO Seoul, South Korea : Good look, more articles now
THE DECAN CHRONICLE Hyderabad, India : Largest English Daily in Andhra Pradesh
  THE ECONOMIC TIMES New Delhi, India : Business daily from The Indian Times
  HA'ARETZ Tel-Aviv, Israel : Daily except Sat.
  THE HINDUSTAN TIMES New Delhi, India : Largest English Daily in Northern India at 441,372 Circulation. Fast loading text links to articles.
  THE JERUSALEM POST Jerusalem, Israel : Personal Post service downloads newspaper in newspaper-like format to your PC.
  KHALEEJTIMES Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) : Good news content, simple but effective graphics that load fast
  KOREA TIMES Seoul, South Korea. Good coverage
  THE STRAITS TIMES Singapore : Good look
English press (Australia) AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND
THE AGE Melbourne, Vic., Australia : Very good newspaper.
THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Sydney, NSW, Australia, Nice interface, comprehensive, Java breaking news
English press (Canada) CANADA
EDMONTON JOURNAL Edmonton, Alberta : Clean appearance and easy navigation
NATIONAL POST Don Mills, Ontario : New national daily, 6x week
TORONTO STAR Toronto, Ontario : Back issues on-line, including search facility
English press (Europe) EUROPE
BELFAST TELEGRAPH Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK : Very good Newspaper.
DAILY MIRROR London, UK : More like the paper edition now.
EXPRESS & STAR Wolverhampton, UK : Evening newspaper in the West Midlands
  FINANCIAL TIMES London, UK : International business daily, free registration. Comprehensive coverage.
  THE INDEPENDENT London, UK : National newspaper, fairly complete article offering.
  THE IRISH NEWS Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK : Good source for Northern Ireland news from the source.
  THE IRISH TIMES Dublin, Ireland : Great newspaper. You have to get by their portal diversion first.
  MOSCOW TIMES Moscow, Russia : English language daily started in 1992. Tues.-Sat.
  THE PRAGUE POST Prague, Czech Republic : 40,000 Circulation, nice site
  PRAVDA Pravda presents different perspective on Russian life and politics
  THE TELEGRAPH London, UK : Nice related archive article, unorthodox color scheme.
  THE TIMES London, UK : New format looks good.
English press (United states of America) USA
USA TODAY Washington, DC : National, good sports, excellent graphics
NEW YORK TIMES New York, NY : National, nice quasi-newpaper look, good tour for newcomers. Free registration required.
LOS ANGELES TIMES Los Angeles, CA : One of the best papers on the web, free registration required. Good navigation at top of home page.
  WASHINGTON POST Washington, DC : Click on "Print Edition" for straightforward news listed by section. Front page links to AP, Newsweek and ZDNet articles.
  CHICAGO TRIBUNE Chicago, IL : Takes a graphically different approach than other newspapers on the web
  NEWSDAY Melville, NY : Fast Graphics, some information updated throughout the day.
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